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Welcome Viral Profits Friends,

If you've been struggling online, we know how you feel.  We've been there, done that and lived to tell about it!  

When we first started online, we didn't have any idea what we needed to do to build a successful online business.  We knew others were doing it, the "gurus" were making big bucks and we were determined to do the same, we wanted a piece of the Internet pie!

We set out on a journey to find out what products to market and what tools and resources we needed to market them. It was a long journey, even bumpy at times but we made it through!

We now earn a very nice living online.  We set our own schedule and live a stress-free life working from the comfort of our home each and every day.  We've achieved our dream, are you ready to do the same?

If you’ve dreamed of that empowering moment, when you finally declare your FREEDOM, and “Fire The Boss,” telling the front office that they can “Take this job and “Shove It,” then Viral Profits is exactly what you are looking for!

Are you ready to take the next step and start living the life you've dreamed about?

Viral Profits IS your solution, your One-Stop Source for online business success!  

No more having to desperately search over the entire web for all the various, separate tools and resources that you may or may not need to build a successful online venture!

Everything you need to build a successful online reseller business and explode your Profits!

"Let's face it, everything Viral Profits gives you is a must have for any netrepreneur to succeed online today.  Within minutes of joining Viral Profits I cancelled my other autoresponder service and an ad tracker service. That alone saved me $37.90 a month!  Everything else you get in this one neat one-stop package virtually becomes free AND by telling others about it you create another income stream.  What else could you possibly ask for?"

Clay Montgomery
Grove, Oklahoma

It's All Right Here, in one easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to navigate system. What’s more, once you’re a Viral Profits member, it’s all continuously UPDATED on a monthly basis, so that you’ll never have to buy another piece of the internet marketing puzzle again!

Let's cut to the chase!  

It's time to find out what you'll be receiving as a Member of Viral Profits!


The Viral Profits

Immediate Access to over $10,000 worth of Digital eBooks & Software with 100% Resell Rights.

Never pay for Products with Resell Rights again!  We will provide you with a constant supply of Resell Rights Products!  HOT, NEW Products that YOU can resell and keep 100% of the Profit!

That's right!  You'll receive immediate access to the current products in the Viral Profits Warehouse,  OVER $10,000.00 worth of top of the line Digital Products with Resell Rights. 

We're not talking about free eBooks that you can pick up anywhere on the Net, we're talking about real products that customers are paying $20, $30, $40, even hundreds of dollars for!  We'll supply the products, you'll fill the demand and keep 100% of the profits!

Our arsenal of digital products include eBooks, software programs, marketing cd's, audio programs and SO MUCH MORE!  The majority of the products include a ready-made sales website making it SUPER easy for you to resell the product!


And that's NOT ALL!  We'll make certain you never run out of fresh digital products.  Each and every month, we will add a minimum of $150.00 worth of BRAND NEW digital products with resell rights to the Warehouse.


Unlimited Professional

You'll pay upwards of $19.95 per month elsewhere for this service alone!  At Viral Profits, it's absolutely FREE for our Members!

You'll have your own personal Professional Autoresponder with no ads to manage all of your campaigns, promote your affiliate programs and run your own newsletter.  With our Autoresponder Pro, you'll have the ability to:

  • Send professional messages with NO ADS!

  • Manage multiple Campaigns

  • Manage multiple Lists

  • Send messages immediately or at intervals determined by YOU

  • Create Subscription Forms for your Website

  • Supports Subscription by Email

  • Personalized messages with your prospect's first name and other customized fields chosen by YOU

  • Broadcast Messages in HTML or Text

  • Run your own profitable Ezine or Newsletter (we'll show you how!)

  • See Lists of your Prospects and Add or Delete Prospects

  • Subscribe notices sent to YOU when someone subscribes to one of your autoresponders

  • Built in Ad Tracking



Professional Ad Tracker
at Track Your Ad.com

Why pay upwards of $15.00 a month for this service alone when you can get it here for FREE!

Your Membership includes your own Professional Ad Tracker to track all of your advertising campaigns, clicks, hits and more!  This is a MUST for every successful Internet Marketer.  This service ALONE would cost you a minimum of $15.00 per month elsewhere.  Ad Tracker has ALL the features you'll need to run a successful advertising campaign:

  • Create unlimited campaigns

  • Ability to set how long each campaign lasts

  • Ability to set the type of campaign (monthly or pay-per-click)

  • Ability to track complete sales statistics, conversion ratios, affiliate sign-ups, opt-in list subscribers and much more!

  • Ability to see how many click-thru's were generated by each advertisements

  • Ability to track and analyze ROI, profit/cost per visitor, total profit for every campaign

  • Ability to perform split run testing

  • Ability to edit personal profile

  • And MUCH MORE!

NEW! Viral Profits 
Script Vault
Immediate Access to 80+ PHP/CGI Scripts with 
100% Resell Rights.

Need Scripts for your Website?  Never pay for Scripts again! Plus, we'll give you 100% Resell Rights so that you may resell the Scripts and keep 100% of the Profit!

Membership includes immediate access to over eighty (80) PHP/CGI Scripts.  Use them on your own website or resell them and keep ALL of the profits!  All of our Scripts include 100% Resell Rights.  New Scripts are added every month!


Profitable Compensation Plan for Affiliates
Featuring the popular One-up/Instant Pay Plan!

Why wait for Checks when you can be paid INSTANTLY here?  No middle man, payments go directly to YOU!  

Our very popular and unique “Viral Profits” “One-Up Instant Pay-Plan” is as good as it gets!  By participating in our unique One-Up Compensation Plan, you can earn $20 direct payments to infinity!  Payments are made DIRECTLY to YOU, no middle man, no waiting for commissions!  Members earn $20.00 from each direct membership sale and earn residual income from the paylines created through the One-Up Payplan.  If you are not familiar with the One-Up Payplan, Click Below to see a detailed chart and description.

Click Here to see a Detailed Chart and Description of the One-Up Payplan.

Powerful Step by Step Training Tutorials

Our Step by Step Member Tutorials cover everything from "How to copy and paste" to "Setting up your First Website"!  Other membership sites are charging upwards of $15 per month for this service alone!

You'll find everything you need to know in order to run your own successful internet business with our comprehensive step by step training tutorials. It’s all right here with current Tutorials covering:

  • How to Copy and Paste

  • Setting up your first Website - Step by Step

  • How to accept payments on your Website

  • List Building Tutorial

  • Starting your own Ezine/Newsletter

  • How to Upload Files to your Website using FTP

  • and SO MUCH MORE!

New tutorials added monthly and existing tutorials are updated frequently to reflect the changing technology and times of the Internet!


Professional Member's Only Forum

Exclusive Membership to our Professional Member's Only Forum!

You’ll never walk alone again!  As a Viral Profits Member, you will receive exclusive membership in our Member's Only Forum.  The Viral Profits Member's Forum provides a place for Member's to exchange ideas, ask questions and learn from various “Internet Pros,” who have already made their stand and can now teach you from successful experience!


Self-Replicated Viral Profits Website
with built in Lead Capture/List Building

Your own Viral Profits Fully Automated Website with Built In List Building and exclusive access to your Leads!

Immediately upon joining, you receive you very own, unique “Viral Profits” URL personalized with your details and ready to promote so that you may begin referring new members and earning direct payments right away!  Your site is totally automated, delivered to you instantly and updated automatically.  We have invested a lot of time and dollars into this state of the art automation system!

Your Viral Profits Site will include an Opt-In Form,  specifically designed for you to easily capture the names and e-mail addresses of those potential clients and customers visiting your website. This system is automatically linked to your Viral Profits Autoresponder and the Prospect will begin receiving our series of Powerful Follow-up Autoresponder Messages.  You will have complete and exclusive access to your Leads and an immediate jumpstart to building your List!


Promotional Tools Center

Immediate Access to an Endless Supply of Promotional Tools & Resources to promote your website and affiliate programs!

For Viral Profits Members who wish take advantage of our powerful Affiliate program, we provide immediate access to an endless supply of promotional tools and resources! They’re all here! Pre-written Sample Ads, Email Signatures, Banners, Auto Responder Messages (pre-written and automatically loaded into your Viral Profits Auto Responder) Advertising Resources and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

We could stop RIGHT here....

...and assure you that you will NOT find a better, more complete membership package anywhere on the Net!   

What our Member's are Saying....

"I just joined and checked out all the "goodies" and I have to tell you I am T-TOTALLY floored by the quantity and fantastic value of everything here. You have got to be "insane" to offer all of this at such an incredibly low price (I'm not complaining mind you. :) - This is so awsome !! I've got to tell everyone I know about this !! Thanks for being there for us "Little" guys."

Everett J.Higgs 
Cartersville, GA

"All I can say is WOW!  I can't believe that you can give all this, for such a low cost. I get new products with resell rights (worth the money in itself), plus unlimited autoresponders, and the list goes on and on. All I can say is thanks. Viral Profits.com helps me reduce my monthly expenses and they've got the tools to help me create additional profits. Well done!"

Allen Reed
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

"Everything that you can think of is here in this package, this is the one to start off with!!" 

Lou Diamond
Long Island, New York


But believe it or not, we're not done...we have even more... 

added BONUSES for you when you become a Viral Profits Member!

When you Become a Viral Profits Member,
you also receive these added

  • Viral Profits HTML Editor available 24/7
    easily and effortless create and edit html files and build your own website using Point & Click
    ($49.00 value)

  • 200 Brandable Articles that you may use in your newsletter, ezine, on your website and claim them as your own!
    ($99.00 value)

  • Extreme Templates Package 
    Our exclusive and impressive collection of professionally designed templates for your website!
    ($119.00 value)

  • Professionally Designed LOGOS Package
    just replace with your own Company Name and you will have your very own professionally designed Logo in a matter of minutes!
    ($350.00 value)

That's over $600 worth of additional BONUSES and we have even more SURPRISES available to you as a Viral Profits Member that we're not revealing here.  Everyone LOVES surprises!




Are we insane?  NO, we're not!  Listen we've been around the internet block and we understand how the costs associated with obtaining all of the products, services and promotional tools can be overwhelming when you're trying to build your business.  That's why we were determined to put together a membership package that would provide member's with virtually EVERYTHING THEY NEED to run their online business and provide them with a profitable compensation plan to boot!

Let's Recap for a Moment...

Your Viral Profits Membership
 Includes ALL of the Following:

  • The Viral Profits Warehouse - immediate   access to over $7,000 of digital products which you may resell and keep 100% of the profits! 
    $10,000 value

  • A minimum of $150 worth of NEW Digital Products added each and every month to the Viral Profits Warehouse! 
    $150.00 per month value

  • Unlimited Professional Autoresponders
    $19.95 per month value

  • Professional Ad Tracker at Track your Ad.com
    $15.00 per month value

  • Viral Profits Script Vault ™ - immediate access to over 80 PHP/CGI Scripts which you may use on your own website or resell and keep 100% of the profits!
    $1000.00 value

  • Step by Step Training Tutorials
    $15.00 per month value

  • Professional Member's Only Forum

  • Profitable Compensation Plan for Affiliates featuring our One-Up/Instant Pay plan!

  • Self-Replicated Viral Profits Website with Built in Lead Capture & List Building
    $20.00 per month value

  • Promotional Tools Center
    $15.00 per month value

And These Added BONUSES:

  • Viral Profits HTML Editor
    $49.00 value

  • 200 Brandable Articles
    $99.00 value

  • Extreme Templates Package 
    $119.00 value

  • Professionally Designed LOGOS Package
    $350.00 value


Let's do the Math!....That's over $11,750.00 worth of Products and Services and a $250.00  monthly value ALL included in your Viral Profits Membership!

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, "What's the Catch"?? And just HOW MUCH is this going to cost me?

Well, maybe we're a LITTLE bit insane!

As amazing as this all sounds, believe it or not, for a limited time only, we have decided to make this Highly Valuable Membership available to you for ONLY $9.95 per Month, That’s Right, Full Viral Profits Membership Privileges for just a $9.95 Monthly Membership Fee, and a One-Time Initial Membership/Registration Fee of Only $29.00, of which $20.00 is paid directly to your qualified sponsor and $9.00 to Admin payable at the time of joining!


Viral Profits Membership - Full Access:
  • Only $29.00 
    One-Time Membership/Registration Fee.

Only $9.95
Per Month thereafter.

Most of our competitors are charging a monthly fee $29.00 and UP for monthly products and services similar to the ones we offer here at Viral Profits.   

At Viral Profits, we provide our Members with an affordable, low cost membership which includes ALL of the products, services and resources needed to successfully run their online business.  

With Viral Profits ....

  • 70% of the $29.00 Viral Profits Initial Membership Fee is paid to our Affiliates.

  • Member's receive their commissions INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY - no middle man.

  • Our unique One-up Compensation Plan provides YOU with residual income -  no limits, infinite depth, infinite width.

  • An unbelievably affordable monthly fee of $9.95 for virtually the same products, services and resources being offered on other membership sites for upwards of $29.00 per month.

  • Just ONE direct referral or ONE referral as a result of the One-up Compensation Plan covers YOUR Membership Fee for the month!


    Our NO-RISK Guarantee!

    We realize that $29.00 is not much of a risk (you are probably ALREADY paying more than that for your online business expenses anyway!)  There are numerous other places that offer "everything you need to succeed" but are they willing to back that up?  Most are not.  We are so confident that you will find the products, services and resources included with your Viral Profits membership of value that we are willing to offer you a No-Risk Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisified with your membership after 30 days, we will refund your initial fee - no questions asked!

    Now, THAT'S a Deal!

    So, how do you go about joining Viral Profits 

    It's easy!  Just click on one of the Order Buttons below and follow the instructions.  In most cases, your $29.00 one-time membership fee will be paid in two separate payments.  You will make one $20.00 payment directly to your qualified Sponsor and one $9.00 payment to Admin.  Your $9.95 monthly membership fee will begin one month from today.

    All orders are processed through one of our secure payment processors so you don't have to worry about security issues!

    Remember, if you participate in the Viral Profits Income Opportunity, just ONE sale per month covers your Membership Fee!

    Once you become a Member, we will show you how you can begin generating unlimited referrals.

    Here's to YOUR Powerful and Profitable Future!

    P.S.  We can't promise that this incredibly low price of $9.95 per month will last forever.  At some point, we may have to raise the membership fee.  But here's what we will do for you...If you join today, we will lock in your position as a Member paying the low monthly fee of $9.95 per month.  Even when we raise the price, you will remain at the current $9.95 monthly fee. 

    P.P.S.  You've got NOTHING to lose - remember you've got 30 days to determine if we provide all of the valuable products, resources and services that we claim!  We guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!


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