Send a Broadcast Mailing

To send a Broadcast mailing to your Subscribers, follow the Steps Below.  Note:  If you have more than one autoresponder set up and wish to broadcast to only one group, you will need to set a Filter prior to your broadcast.  If there is no filter set, the broadcast will be sent to your entire database of subscribers.  See the Filter topic from the Index page for instructions.

 Subscribers > Group Tasks > Broadcast > Create New 

  1. Scroll over "Subscribers", "Group Tasks".

  2. Select "Broadcast", "Create New".

Below is a description of the fields used for setting up the Broadcast and their meaning.

  • From name
    The name that the broadcast is being sent from. This is what your subscribers will see as the "from" entry in their list of inbox e-mails.
  • From e-mail address
    This is the e-mail address that the broadcast message appears to come from. If a subscriber clicks "reply", this is the address where their reply will be sent.
  • Subject
    The subject of the broadcast message. You can use dynamic data tags in this.
  • Header/Footer
    Not in use - leave blank.

  • Include unsubscribe link
    Check this box if you would like a "click here to unsubscribe" link to automatically be added to the end of your broadcast message. 
  • Include AutoResponse Plus affiliate link
    Not in use - leave blank.

  • Plain text message
    Type the plain text version of your message or copy and paste it from another application. 

  • HTML message code
    Type the HTML version of your message or copy and paste it from another application (eg your favorite web page editor). 

Scheduling options

  • Schedule
    Choose when you want this message to be sent. If you choose immediately, it will be sent straight away as a background process. You will be able to watch the progress of the broadcast in the Subscribers > Group Tasks > Broadcast > Queue Manager screen.
  • E-mail address for instant test
    The "instant test" schedule option sends the message to the e-mail address you enter in the box below. This is a test for message layout etc.
  • Send on specific date
    If you chose the "specific date" schedule option, you must set the date that you want the broadcast to be sent out. 

Forced omissions

  • Omit duplicate subscribers
    Check this box to ensure that each e-mail address in your subscriber database receives your broadcast message once only.
  • Omit unsubscribers
    Check this box to omit subscribers who have cancelled their subscription to your autoresponders. This option overrides the setting of the currently active filter and is an added safeguard that you don't send messages to people who have told you they don't want to receive any.


  • Send reports
    Check this box to be sent a report by e-mail at the end of the broadcast.

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