Generating HTML Code for Web Form:

To Create the HTML coding for placing a Subscription Form on your Website, follow the steps below:

  •  Locate the autoresponder that you wish to create the form for
     and Click on Messages

  • Click on Generate Code 

  • Form fields:  Check which fields you wish to include on the form and which fields are mandatory.

Example:  Check the first box if you wish to include the field.  Check the second box if you wish the field to be mandatory.

Ask for title?
Only applies to web based forms
  • Autoresponders & tracking tags:  Designate which autoresponder the form should subscribe the subscriber to.

  • Display Options:  

    Offer choice of format?
    Designate whether you wish to allow the subscriber to choose html or text formatting (best to leave this unchecked!)

    Form button text:  The text you wish to appear on the submit button (examples:  go, subscribe me, submit, etc.)

    Link text:  Leave blank.

  • Click "Generate Code"

  • When the next page loads, scroll down the page until the "Generated Code" section.  There are three boxes there with coding in them.  The first box is the one for your form.  Copy and paste this coding onto your website and you're done!

Be sure to test your form after uploading it to your website!

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