Description of Main Menu Tabs


Show List - Displays a list of your Autoresponders.
Create New - Create a New Autoresponder.
Copy Existing - Copy and Existing Autoresponder into a new Autoresponder.


Show List - Displays a List of All Subscribers (note:  to only display subscribers that meet a certain criteria, use "set filter" prior to "show list".
Add Subscriber - Add a new subscriber to your autoresponder(s).
Quick Find - Search for a subscriber by email address or name.
Filter - Filter your subscribers to meet a certain criteria.  Use this option prior to broadcast if you only wish to mail to one autoresponder list.  Use the Clear Filter option to clear any current filters.

Group Tasks:

Broadcast - Send a Broadcast Mailing to All Subscribers or a filtered list of subscribers.
Queue Manager - Displays a Listing of current and past Broadcasts.
Edit - Use this option to Manually Edit Subscribers that match the current filter..
Delete - Use this option to Delete Subscribers that match the current filter.
Clear Send Logs -  This procedure clears the "send" logs for all subscribers that match the current filter. This means that you will no longer have a historical record of follow-up and broadcast messages sent to the matching subscribers.

DeDuplicate - Removes duplicate subscribers from your Autoresponders.

Tracking Tags

Show List - Displays a list of all tracking tags currently set up.
Create New - Create a new Tracking Tag.

You can use tracking tags for various purposes such as:

  • To track the source of subscriptions - web page, popups, newsletter ads etc
  • To group subscribers so that you can work with that group separately from the rest of your subscribers

Your Profile

My Record - Set up and edit tags.  All the information in this page can be included in your follow-up and broadcast messages using the tags shown beside each field.


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Log out of your Autoresponder.

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