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Viral Profits Tutorial:
Google AdWords 


In this tutorial we will outline promoting your website/product via Google Ad Words!

Google Adwords is one of the most effective types of advertising available online these days. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad!  

Google Adwords Rules:

  • Your ad has to get clicked on at least 0.5 % of the time it is shown or it becomes disabled.

  • There are generally 8 positions available on each page

  • The minimum bid price is .05 cents

  • Your position on the page is dependant upon on your bid price, but Google puts an spin on things with something called CTR (Click Thru Rate).  The more people who click on your ad, the LESS you have to bid to keep your position.

  • Google rewards advertisers whose ads are relevant to what people are searching for

Creating A Campaign In Google Adwords:

To sign up for a new Google AdWords account:

There are four basic steps involved in creating a campaign in Google Adwords:

Step 1: Target languages and countries
Choose from a list of 14 languages, over 250 countries, and, if applicable, over 200 United States regions to determine who will see your ads.

Step 2: Create Ad Group
Design your ads, choose targeted keywords to trigger those ads, select your currency, and specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay when users click on your ads.

Step 3: Specify your daily budget
Control the amount you want to spend on your campaign each day. No minimum budget is required.

Step 4: Sign up
Create an AdWords account by providing your email address and choosing a password. When you are ready to activate your ads, log in to your new account and submit your billing information.

Below we will discuss a few Do's & Don't(s) of creating a Google Adwords campaign.

Step 1: Target languages and countries - Do's & Don'ts!

DON'T - select "All Languages" and "All Countries".  

Choosing the right countries is very important, or you will get clicks from the countries you don't want to do business with or you will get clicks from people who cannot afford what you are selling.

DO - select the Countries that you wish to target and the appropriate languages that coincide with them.  Remember, YOU PAY anytime someone clicks on your ad regardless of whether or not they become your customer.  If the product/service you are marketing is only available in the U.S., then you would be wasting time and money by selecting "All Countries".  

Step 2: Create Ad Group - Do's & Don'ts!

DON'T - choose unrelated keywords and don't assume that the most popular keywords are always the best choice. 

DO  - Choose tightly and closely related keywords.  Think about what people would search for. Use keyword tools that will help you find things you never thought of which are related to your business. 

Keyword Tips:

  • Always add -free (negative free) as one of your keywords. Why? Your ad will not appear when someone types FREE in his keywords. Remember, you are looking for people who are SERIOUS and not freebie seekers.

  • Use phrase matching.  If one of your keywords is make money, then bid on it 3 different ways! Use the "phrase matching" and for every keyword. 

Here's an example of "phrase matching" using the keyword make money.

make money,  "make money" and [make money]

When you bid on make money with no punctuation, your ad will show up every time the word "make" or "money" is searched. 

When you bid on "make money" with punctuation, your ad will show up anytime somebody types in "make money" combined with anything else. and the word "make money" should appear in that order. For example, someone types make money at home, make money online, your ad will show up.

When you bid on [make money] in brackets, this means they have to type make money in that order EXACTLY as you put it in the brackets with NO other words. The bracketed version will usually have the highest click thru rate with the one in quotes the second highest and the one without quotes the least highest.

Google will ask for your Bid on the Keywords or "Cost per Click".

Google will recommend a High amount - DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!

DON'T - accept Google's recommended Bid amount!

DO  - aim for 3rd or 4th position with your Bid.  You'll find you can bid MUCH lower than Google's recommendation to obtain the 3rd or 4th position.

Step 3:  Specify Daily Budget - Do's & Don'ts!

DON'T - Accept Google's Suggested Bid Price!

DO - Specify YOUR OWN Bid Price - normally MUCH, MUCH lower than what Google is suggesting!

In Step #3, Google will ask you to specify a daily budget and will automatically "suggest" a bid price for you. Most people are shocked because they assume that is the minimum bid price. Actually, this is suggesting the MAXIMUM bid amount. This is going to make you the #1 position at all times and you don't want to do that!

DON'T -Make your Daily Budget Too High.

When determining your daily budget, don't spend all your money in one day!  Determine your maximum amount that you want to spend daily and stick to it!

Summing it up...
Getting Maximum Results from Google Adwords:

1.  Use Negative Keywords,  and "phrase matching" and [phrase matching].
     - free, make money, "make money", [make money]

2.  Use closely related keywords. 

      Make Money
     make money now
     make money on computer
     make money from your web site
     make lots of money
     make a lot of money
     "make money now"
     "make money on computer"
     "make money from your web site"
     "make lots of money"
     "make a lot of money"
     [make money now]
     [make money on computer]
     [make money from your web site]
     [make lots of money]
     [make a lot of money] ..... etc 

4.  Bid conservatively and win high Click Thru Rates NOT high bids.

5.  Track every campaign and sign up conversion rate.

6.  Delete non converting keywords and cut your ad cost by 50% or more!

Remember, be patient.  You will need a lot of PRACTICE to create a good and productive Adwords campaign. Practice creating good headlines, good ads, and in finding the right keywords for your business. Then, TEST...TEST...TEST.... Once you master this form of promotion, you will see amazing results!