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If your goal is to own and operate your own online business, they you simply MUST have your own website. Most of the resell rights products located in your Viral Products Warehouse do include ready-made website files but you will need a domain name and web space to store them.  

There are basically two options.  Your first option and our recommendation is that you obtain your own domain name and professional, low-cost web hosting.  The other option is to utilize one of the numerous free websites which are readily available.  When utilizing a free service, you will not have you own domain name but rather a URL that is provided by the free service.  For example, if you utilize Yahoo's free service, GeoCities, your website URL would look something like this: 

This is a disadvantage as the URL is widely recognized as a free service URL and  doesn't look as professional as  Potential customers tend to feel more comfortable and secure when ordering from a professional domain as opposed to one hosted by a free service.  There are other disadvantages to the free domains as well.  As you might assume, there IS a catch.  Since the company is providing you with a free service, they will most always place some type of advertising on your space such as banners or pop-ups.  This can be quite annoying to the potential buyer.  Another disadvantage is that you are quite limited as to the amount of space that is provided and can normally only have a few pages on the free server.

Now by all means, if you are not in a position at this time to purchase your own domain name and low-cost web hosting, then opt for the free site.  You can always begin with that and once you are able, switch over to a paid web host.

With regards to professional website hosting, there are thousands upon thousands of web hosting companies on the Internet.  It is difficult to sort through them and figure out which ones are reputable and provide quality, professional service.  There are many points to consider when evaluating a hosting company such as the details of the plan, how much space is included in the plan, how much bandwidth is included, what type of support the company offers, etc., etc.  The cost of web hosting normally vary anywhere from $7.95/month on up to $24.95/month and higher.  There is normally an advantage to paying quarterly, semi-annually or annually in the form of a discount or free month.

The cost of a domain name varies from $15.00 - $34.95 per year and must be renewed on an annual basis.

For those who are interested in professional hosting, we have negotiated a special price for web hosting for you with Hosting At the same time, you may obtain your domain name from Hosting Blaze when you order your Hosting Plan.

Details on the Special with Hosting Blaze are below.  We have also included information on the free web hosting services below.


VP TIP:  When choosing a domain name, keep the following in mind:

  • If .com is available, grab it!  If .com is not available, opt for .net followed by .biz

  • Keep the domain name short and simple, something easy for people to remember.

  • Avoid any punctuation marks or numbers in the name.


Hosting Blaze:  Recommended!

Web Hosting - $6.70 - $13.00 Per Month Depending on the Plan

Domain Names - $6.95

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