Viral Profits - Getting Start with your Own Website.

Viral Profits Tutorial:
Getting Started with your Own Website:


In this tutorial we will cover the basics of getting your own website up and running.  If your goal is to own and operate your own online business, they you simply MUST have your own website.  If you plan on reselling the products in the VP Warehouse, you need somewhere to "store" them and you need a "home" page to send your prospects to.  Your "home" page will serve as the base for your entire site.  From there, you can direct prospects to your products, your ezine/newsletter, affiliate programs you promote, etc.

Below we will cover the basic steps you'll need to take to get your own website up and running!


The first thing you need to do is to obtain a domain name and web hosting for your site.  We have covered this process is a separate tutorial.  You will need to read the Low Cost Domain Names and Web Hosting tutorial before proceeding. 


Now that you have taken care of the domain name and web hosting for your site, your next step is to choose or create a template for your Site.  If you're quite ambitious, you can create your own template or you can choose from thousands of "ready-made" (and in many instances, free) templates which are available all over the Web.

A search on Google for free web templates will bring up thousands of templates that are available for free download.

A simple option is available to you right here in your Viral Profits Member's area.  You can choose from over 50 templates located in the VP Warehouse.  The product name is "Deluxe Web Templates".  Just download the templates and unzip the folder.  You can view the templates by doubleclicking on the "index" file contained within each folder.

If you choose to create your own template, you can do so with an html editor by utilizing tables for the basic layout and inserting images. (additional information about this is available in the Graphics section further down on this page)

Next you will need an html editor.  Even if you use a ready made template, you need to open it in your html editor.  

Below are two additional html editors that are absolutely FREE!

1st Page 2000 by Ervsoft - Click Here to download
Notetab Light 4.95 - Click Here to download

If you've got extra funds, you can purchase a professional HTML Editor. Microsoft Frontpage is a good one and can be purchased online through Microsoft's website, through a Google search or on eBay.


The home page of your website is the central location where you send your prospects.  Your visitors will, in most instances, see this page first and their impression of YOU will be based on the feeling they are left with after visiting your site.  Keep this in mind as you proceed.  

Your Home Page should include a few Basic Items such as:

  • A Contact Us or About Us feature clearly providing instructions on how your visitors may contact you.

  • A Link to your Ezine/Newsletter Page or Subscription Form where your Visitor's may Subscribe to your Ezine/Newsletter. (VERY IMPORTANT) 

  • Links to featured products or a general link to your product description page.

  • Links to your affiliate programs or recommended opportunities

  • Pop-up on entry and/or exit advertising a special on one of your products or offering a free gift for subscribing, etc.


This is a MUST!  As we have stated and you will see throughout these tutorials, building your own opt-in mailing list is something you must focus on as it is essential to your long-term success!  One of the best ways to do this is to include a sign-up form for your ezine/newsletter on your home page.  In fact, we recommend putting a sign-up form on every single page of your website!  Above the form, provide the name of your ezine/newsletter along with a brief statement about it.  Offer a "free gift"  or bonus such as an eBook or piece of software for signing up.  

The form itself can be easily created directly from your autoresponder which is included in your Viral Profits membership.   

Your first step is log into your VP autoresponder account and create a new autoresponder for your ezine.

>> Click on >> "Autoresponders"  >> "Create New" from the autoresponder menu   

Set up a message thanking the subscriber and be sure to include the link to the free gift you are planning to offer on the form.  

Once you have the autoresponder in place, you can then create the form by clicking on "Autoresponders", then "Show List"   Highlight the ezine autoresponder and click "edit".  Then click on "Generate Code".  

This will bring you to the page to set up your form and generate the html code for the form.  Then just simply copy and paste the html coding into location on your home page where you want the form to be.  Further details about your autoresponder and incorporating it into your ezine/newsletter list building can be found within the List Building Tutorial.


If you are building your website on your own, one thing you will need is access to graphics or a software program where you can create your own graphics.  

You can find simple things like buttons, dividers,  bars, bullets, clip art and more by performing a simple search on Google.

Below is a graphics software program with which you can create buttons, logos, banners, even entire webpages.  The software has a free 30-day trial and is $55.00 should you wish to purchase it.

RealDRAW Pro - Click Here to download

The site below is an online graphics generator where you can create free logos and buttons. - Click Here to visit


Information about the various options for accepting payments from your customers on your site is available in the Accepting Payments at your Website Tutorial.


Your final step!  Visit the Uploading/FTP files to your SiteTutorial for a complete step by step illustration for uploading your site.